Identification & Verification

In today's manufacturing environment, improper assembly of systems can be very costly. Champion Technology Services, Inc. has experience in part identification systems, part-pick systems, and assembly verification systems. Champion has used both laser and CCD-style identification systems to read the identification information located on the part or on assembly specification sheets. Champion is experienced in creating “pass, no-pass” systems as well as fully functional database systems that record each image used during inspections and appropriate data.

Champion has used various vision systems to provide error proofing to the assembly process. Champion has integrated the vision tools to the process controller to either halt production until assembly passes inspection or to reject the assembly. Champion is capable of analyzing each specific application to determine the type of equipment needed to solve the issue at hand.

Champion is capable and has experience with ID reading and Vision system equipment vendors which include Cognex, Symbol, and Banner Engineering. Champion will also provide integration with the vendor of choice for our customers.

Champion will provide the best possible solution to part identification and assembly verification based on the needs of the customer's application.



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