Customer Dilemma
When it comes to training on a new control system installation, or even an old one, the usual choices are between several different classes provided by the manufacturer.  Quite often, there is a separate class to address each different component or capability of a product and even more divisions focused on skill levels.  Many times the lower skill level classes are a pre-requisite for the higher level classes.  To add to the dilemma, each class usually ranges from 3 to 5 days and is held at an out of city, or out of state location, resulting in significant travel expenses.  After multiple classes and a significant amount of travel expenses for each, the trainee will finally be an expert, or so we would hope!!
  • Numerous classes required to hit all topics
  • Pre-requisites
  • High Travel expenses
Champion Solution
We often find that our customers are really just looking for a broad training on many different aspects of their control system.  This is exactly what we are able to provide; however, typically with four major advantages!!   The first is that we can customize the training to the particular application.  The second is that we can customize the training for varying skill levels.  The third is that our training cost is mostly based on content and only partially based on the number of people in the class. And the fourth advantage is that, since training is typically done for our local customers, the travel expenses are significantly reduced!!
  • Broad training
  • Customized training for your particular system
  • Customized training for varying skill levels
  • Price based mostly on content and less on number of partcipants
  • Training for local customers significantly reduces travel expenses
These are some of the training courses we have customized for customers in the past
  • Emerson DeltaV Training
    • Fieldbus design, troubleshooting and configuration.
  •  Allen Bradley, Modicon, TI, Siemens, GE and ScadaPack Training
    • PLC configuration and maintenance
  •  Honeywell Experion PKS Training
    • Honeywell DCS operations, maintenance and configuration.
  •  Foundation Fieldbus Training
    • Fieldbus design, troubleshooting and configuration
  •  Siemens Training
    • PCS7, Step 7, WinCC





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