One of the best ways to be prepared for the worst is to have a disaster recovery plan. When it comes to control systems, there are three important components which should need a backup plan. The first is plan to recover from lost logic or configuration, which usually involves periodic backups. The second is to recover from failed hardware components, which usually involves spare parts. And the third is to recover from fire or equally damaging event, which usually involves documentation of all physical interconnections of the system. If it is a project which Champion handled completely from start to finish, then the documentation phase will address the configuration and layout, and we can advise on spare parts. However, often times we have taken over support of systems with little to no documentation or backups. In this case, one of the maintenance solutions that we can provide is to completely document and backup the existing system, schedule and perform periodic backups, and make recommendations on spare parts.
Since our staff is well versed in almost every major control system, we can help support your existing system and implement changes for your individual Management Of Change (MOC).



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