Fiber & Copper Network
Champion Technology Services is a leader in the design and deployment of IT Transport networks and covers cliental in the private sector, petrochemical industry, utilities industry, educational institutions, carriers, wireless providers and governmental agencies. In our Fiber Division we are equally staffed comparable to our Microwave Division to provide our customers with complete turnkey design and deployment of Outside Plant (OSP) and Inside Plant (ISP) cabling needs including single-mode, multimode, and copper cabling to support Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) deployment.
In the Inside Plant our team focuses design, planning, installation and testing in areas such as structured cabling systems, data centers, and high rise buildings with the installation and design for horizontal and riser fiber and copper cable backbones, cabling hardware, equipment, and cabling termination and testing for video, voice and data networks. This includes design/build, material specifications and orders, maintenance services and IT facilities asset management for relocations, moves, adds and changes to ISP infrastructure.
Inside Plant Solutions

  • Project Management
  • Complete High Rise and Data Center build-outs to include horizontal and riser cable backbone design, installation, MDF (MC) and IDF (IC) installation, equipment and cable rack installations, and cable pathway installation for conduits, cable trays, ladder rack systems, and floor and wall penetrations.
  • Single-mode and multimode fiber splicing and connectorized hand polish termination methods utilizing epoxy and anaerobic adhesives and machine polish connectorization methods.
  • Termination of copper cable backbones
  • IT infrastructure asset wire management and telecom closet clean-up
  • SONET equipment, Async equipment and patch panel installation.
  • CADD and Visio services
  • As-built documentation, material orders and purchasing
  • Inspection
  • RCDD Consulting Services

In the Outside Plant, Champions Technology Services provides full turnkey design of aerial and underground cable routes, construction, and relocation services for government and private networks, CLEC’s, rural and long-haul networks, fiber splicing and testing, and copper cable termination and testing.
Outside Plant Solutions

  • Project management, design and construction for underground cable routes including plowing, trenching, jack and bore, directional bore, conduit and inner-duct placement, manhole and pullhole systems, pavement restoration, single-mode and multimode fiber pulling, splicing and placement for loose tube armored and dielectric PE jacketed cable, and copper cable pulling, termination and placement.
  • Project management, design, and construction for aerial cable routes including pole installation, grounding and bonding, anchor and downguy installation, span guy installation, make ready engineering and construction and wreck out, and strand, lashing wire and cable tag installation. Single-mode and multimode fiber pulling, splicing and placement for loose tube armored, dielectric PE jacketed cable, All Dielectric Self-Supporting (ADSS) fiber optic cable, Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) fiber optic cable, and copper cable pulling, termination and placement.
  • Create cable route construction plan & profiles, splicing details, and as-builts utilizing AutoCAD and Microstation software.
  • Cable route inspections
  • Existing cable route GPS as-built and documentation services (redline existing client hard copies and/or update existing client drawings).
  • Cabling audits (enclosures, route segments, and cabling connecting hardware, pathways, and spaces).
  • Permit procurement - City, State, and County Municipalities
  • Material orders and purchasing
  • Fiber optic cable fusion splicing (pigtail and butt) and connectorization (hand and machine polish methods).
  • Cable patch cord installation and labeling
  • Bi-directional dual wave OTDR testing and power meter
  • Cabling enclosure and patch panel rehab
  • Cable route relocations and maintenance for dead and live traffic ring cuts, network ring reroutes.
Houston Office Contact Information
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